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PCB Assembly

ltem Parameter Remark
Minimum line spacing(mil) 3/3 Finished copper thickness: 0.5OZ
Minimum ring width(mil) Over hole(Via Hole)3mil3mil(lc Hole)3mil  
Min Aperture Plate thicknessBoard Thickness < 2.0mm0.2mmPlate thicknessBoard Thickness < 1.2mm0.1mm

Plate thicknessBoard Thickness ≤ 2.0mmThick diameter

Max Plate Thickness Single, double board Multilayer 8.0mmBoard8.0mm  
Minimum thickness Single, double boardFour-layer Board0.2mm

Six-layer board0.4mm

Eight-layer Board 10-Layer Board0.6mm

Maximum size Single, double board Multilayer 600*1100mmBoard600*1100mm  
Maximum number of layers 46 Floors  
Solder Green Oil Window (MIL) 2/4
Green Oil Bridge (MIL) 4 Color: white,
black, blue, green, yellow, red, etc.
Character Min line width (mil) 5/8
Color: white, yellow, black, etc.
Surface Coating Spraying tin, electroplating nickel/gold, chemical nickel/gold, immersion tin, immersion silver, anti-oxidation, spraying pure tin, etc.  
Plate type FR4, high-frequency plate, PTFE, aluminum base, copper base, thick copperfoil, halogen-free materials, Arlin, Rogers,Cem-1, cem-3 Mixed dielectric press, flexible plate, soft and hard bonding plate  

Manufa Cturing Processes

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